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As we all know, Hollywood has granted us with a realistic view on how to be super 1337 h4ck3rz, but one common hack we always see are anonymous calling, with the bonus of a deep voice changer so it sound like the scary trash can monsters we've all grown to fear.

But any call disguiser on the market is a buggy payed peace of useless, ineffective software. (Besides, Micro transactions don't really say hacker)

So, Null-Byte, how would you:
1. How would you make your calls completely anonymous? In such a way that not even a fed could trace it back to you.
2. How would you distort your voice on call? (Preferable with minimal delay)

3. Also, is there a way you could anonymiz texts? I fully understand that communication is only as secure as the weakest aspect, (in this case the person your calling/texting) but is there a way to text a phone number without it leaving a trace? This is tricky because I know theres hundreds of secure peer-to-peer apps that ensure user saftey, using E2E encryption, but are there anyway you can communicate with a vanilla number securely?

Any links, recommendations or thoughts would be great! Thanks!

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2 Responses

For anonymous calls, back in the day Phreaking used to be big. It was either Steve Jobs or Bill Gates that used the "blue box" which was a handy little hardware device that pirated calls or something of a kind.

Nowadays I'm 100% confident that if you go on the deep web, you can buy hardware and such that lets you send anonymous calls.

I've noticed that when I text friends over imessage, occasionally I will get their text in my email instead of imessage. I'd probably try to spoof a text message and when it shows up in their inbox, they will just assume imessage glitched out (again).

I did a bit research about this topic because I got interested.

I think the easiest way is to buy a cheap smartphone (heard about that cheap india phone which only cost a few bucks?) and a prepaid card in a local store with cash (leave no trace :D).

And then only use this phone with this prepaid card, after you are finish with your calls, then you should buy a new phone and a new card.

I think this is the most secure way, even if it's not the best way (lot's of trash, uncomfortable...)
During the most activation process of the prepaid calls, you have to log into a website and register.

There you just have to type in fake data (e.g. name, adress), because normally there's no need of having data from the customer if it's a prepaid card.

But the best way is to check your law about it's aftermath.

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