Forum Thread: Can Any One Tell Me How to Do Email Spoofing..

I Used but the Emails Are Sent in Spam Instead Inbox.

and my ip is also blacklisted. also one more query, how can i make my public ip static (unethically). I dont want to give a shit money to my ISP..

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First of all, I'm going to start off with the fact that this is not a site to be learning how to do things "unethically" And plus, by making your IP static, you'd be more susceptible to being caught. Your ISP will always be able to monitor your connections whether you like it or not. You will have to pay money to your ISP for internet unless you are stealing a neighbors WiFi. (also unethical in most cases) There is absolutely no foolproof way to spoof your email. Just make a fake email address (like a gmail or yahoo or something that looks legit) And MAKE SURE THAT IT HAS NO TIES TO YOU. Otherwise you will be caught if the people you are "attacking" know how to dox.

Really thanks, i thinked a lot in making ip static. I use proxy settings,

when i connect to proxy settings i get different public ip (i saw on and when i dont use i get normal one..

I actually wanted public ip for dark comet (DUC no-ip) because if i dont have stable ip my victim would not connect back to me..

But after doing proxy settings shows proxy ip and DUC no-ip show my real one.. HOW IS THAT?

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