Forum Thread: Can Anyone Recommend a Python IDE?

Reason I ask is because (for some reason) the python editor for Eclipse IDE (PyDev), keeps giving me errors regardless of what I write.

for example, if i say
import urllib
someVariable ="")

it will say that urllib is an error, but doesn't exactly go into detail as why it isnt.

this happens regardless if I choose to use Python 3.0, or 2.7 (I hear they are somewhat different)

in another example,

I was reading a guide earlier, and I learned the code and typed it exactly, but Pydev gave me errors. So I went on the website where the code is stored, and pasted it into my eclipse editor, still gave me a nightmare of errors.

In short, I need a new IDE to work with. I searched google, but got a vast amount of suggestions, but I'm not sure which is good/bad.

So can anyone suggest a python editor to use?


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3 Responses

Atom, it is by the github people, try and use Atom, else notepad++ or even gedit with sytaxt highlighting.

The problem with Atom (I use it, its colorful) is that it doesn't point of errors (least I can't figure out how to get it to point out errors), and doesn't run code

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