Forum Thread: How Can I Be Better at Social Engineering?

I am learning ethical hacking and i have just started social engineering part. As practice I was able to social engineered a girl and hacker her facebook account. Now to be better at social engineering what you guyz would suggest me any step? (I am beginner)

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First I would suggest that you don't do anything illegal ;)
Then check out master OTW's social engineering tutorials on the How To section.

Thanks bro. Sorry for late reply

Step 1: Don't do anything illegal.
Step 2: If you do, don't brag about.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

Can't understand your 3rd step


It's all about manipulation and taking advantage of base instincts. Figure out subtle ways that you can generate trust and work with it. Learn how and when to put pressure on the target. It's a lot to do with feeling the situation out and less to do with "to get x result, do y". One big thing that you should work on if you plan on using social engineering through text on English speaking targets, is to get your English up to scratch. Having spelling errors and general non-native flaws in your English will make your attempts much more difficult. Don't get me wrong, your English is great. But it doesn't hurt to refine it.

As for the legality of your motives, I would rather not know.


Thanks bro for this explanation. And again thanks.

Just as there is no silver bullet in hacking there is no silver bullet in social engineering. The experience varies from person to person, you will find a person who will throw a million questions your way seeing if you're legit or not. You will also have people who will not question you, or very little, which will make the social engineering alot easier.

This all depends on how you're doing your social engineering as well, if it's in person or if it's not in person. Whether it be through email, messages or over phone.

Each situation will be different, but you will have a similar aproach to each situation.

You say you social engineered a girl on facebook, I wouldn't post about that. Unless permission was given of course.

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