Forum Thread: How Can I Build an Independent Setup ?

Hello guys, please help me if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance. The thing is I program as a hobby. I create fun and network chat application for my friends so we could chat. I am faced with a problem that I never thought i would meet? How can i create or is there any language that can run independently off a new Windows installation without the need to download dependencies. Like Python needs a python installer to run and VB.NET needs .Net framework to run, C# needs a framework to run? Is there any language. I have seen some programs running GUI without dependencies on a newly installed Windows system. Can anyone here throw some light ? Trust me Am not lazy, I have searched Loogle for days now no success.

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You can search for what is preinstalled on a windows installation..
And as far as I know... net framework is preinstalled from win 7 onwards

Even better solution is you include the required dependencies in your installer..

if you are programming in C#, you need the .NET framework, but it is automatically installed on windows machines if automatic updates are enabled (yes, even if it wasn't preinstalled before). so just distributing your .exe is already enough.


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