Forum Thread: How Can I Bypass Microsoft Forefront?

I have found quite a few articles detailing how to bypass web based firewalls and censoring systems, but not a single one seems to work with Microsoft Forefront, and frankly, the large "This page is not available" redirect is getting extremely annoying. All data sent over my network seems to go through two alternating proxy servers (code named King and Cleric) which act as proxy servers to censor data. If they go offline, no internet access can be used by devices connected to the local WiFi network. Some netbios ports and the typical 22, 21, 80, 8080 and 443 are open for business. Without finding a way to disable Microsoft Forefront, no external proxy servers can be reached..

Any Ideas?


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Have you tried tor or a vpn?

Yeah, TOR's ports are blocked, and all other VPN's I've tried don't work. Is there a way to use a VPN over port 443 or port 80?


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