Forum Thread: How Can I Bypass the Previous Owners Password on My iPad?

How can I bypass this step , because the Apple service won't help me.

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Please some one help me with my problem.

If its an icloud, then you are doomed. But if its a normal passcode, use DFU mode or recovery mode to restore the device.

What should I do if its an icloud account ?

"What should I do if its an icloud account ?" or Find my Iphone!

  • Go to the top of a mountain toss it off take selfies while its airborne.
  • Use it as a boogie board at the beach.
  • Make a kite out of it and fly it in electrical storms.
  • Catch the vibe?

gg wp 10/10


another important detail: is the device jailbreaked? if yes, it will be easier.


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