Forum Thread: Can I Bypass Sonicwall with the Help of Sotware ?

i want to bypass sonicwall by the software

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i want to bypass sonicwall by the software.can anyone help me ???

Q: Can I Bypass Sonicwall with the Help of Sotware ?

Ans: Yes, easy, use TOR Browser.

(Alternative Ans: This Firewall is of a router (I just know), sneek to the router and press the hard reset button with a needle or something.

Router Reset, Bans/Blocks Reset.)

(Another Alternative: On the PC, open Command Prompt, type ipconfig, use the default gateway given there and paste it on the address bar of a browser. When credentials are asked try using default ones: Usern: admin Passw: password OR Usern: admin Passw: admin.

If success, then reset it from there.)


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First, there are numerous SonicWall firewalls and each will require a different technique. You need to find out what it is blocking, i.e. IP, port, content and then based upon that finding, develop a strategy to get past it.

how can i find , what sonic wall is blocking as you said IP,port or etc..
I tried to do DOS on it, nut din't work.
Please tell how can i succeed in my DOS attack.
You help will be appreciated.

What about installing a proxy / webproxy , or ssh tunnel on your home pc and connect thru it ? Just pick a port that is allowed and you should be fine..

DOSing the router will likely result in crippled internet connection, and not in an unblocked access.

I used tor browser but it did not work .I want to bypass application and browser also through sonic wall by the software .is that possible ?

Please help me out with the proper software name which really work.

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