Forum Thread: How Can I Bypass Sophos Firewall

Hai friends is their anuway I can bypass sophos firewall which is currently used in my college.. They blocked everything, sometimes even google.. It's terrible...

Please let me know if anybody has any ideas

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Perhaps you should take a look at Tor Browser :)

Create a bootable USB of Tails browser.

I tried tor and proxies doesn't work :(

We kinda have this portal where we login and each account is registered with our laptops Mac address.. So once they catch us messing around with proxies... They immediately bock the user..

Sniff for admin credentials

I cannot spoof my man since it's validates each time I login... How do I sniff for credentials tho?

ya. so before login. spoof ur mac and login with some other credentials.

And as for sniff. I assume ur firewall wont be https. it has to be http. so u can do sniffing of passwords easily. there a lot tools for sniffing. Mitmf i would preffer.

Enjoy Hacking kiddo :)

yaa... i have the same problem.... college wifi security ... so plzzz tell me anything to crack it....

You can look for a domain of rent servers which they can pass the firewall, then renta a server and use internet or rent a VPN.

Hey guys,i have a same problem,i cant access my college wifi without login.which can be protected by sophos firewall. i want to bypass the is https we cant sniffing

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