Forum Thread: How to How Can I Connect to Computers and Routers Without the Need to Work with a Shodan?

I tried one of the sessions that were here on the site.
I could not log on to shodan.
Google directed me to a page that says there is a problem with this site. It's like a malicious website.
My question is simple. Is it possible to do what this site does, but in a more simple?
That is, to work with Google nationality or another browser. And work like this site work?
I'd love to someone who can try to guide me.
Thank you!

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7 Responses

Shodan is offline at the moment. They probably got DDoS'd.
Next time you can log in grab an API key and avoid the site altogether.

Learn how to scan with different tools and know what you are looking for, no need for Shodan.

Could you give me tools that can scan them easily?

You need an API from them. To load in half a dozen pre-configured tools. Read the man pages and guides for Nmap.. Build one in python and import the nmap library into the scanner. Is this the easy way no. We (me) don't do easy here.

Shodan by it's nature is made to be more simple than searching the web on your own for vulnerable routers.

Usually, hackers use things called "Google Dorks" to limit Google's searches to vulnerable documents and systems.

Here is a list of Google Dorks to test

All the best - Cameron.

Yeah Dorking like that's cool, if I is looking for a FTPz , mp3's or some d0x juice etc. I need actionable Intel.

Shodan is significantly different than Google dork, though. Shodan indexes the content on the web servers banners.

Absolutely. I was just relating the fact that they both search for vulnerable systems.

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