Forum Thread: How Can I Connect to Netcat on a Different Network? Do I Need to Port Forward the Server?

I am a beginner in this field, but I am trying hard to succeed. If I say something that doesn't make sense, please correct me. I am going to buy a raspberry pi 2, and I'm intending to put Kali Linux on it, but I would like the functionality to connect back like in this post. But after many Google searches, my answer is somewhat mixed. Every example I've seen uses local IP addresses to connect back, but I intend to use it in remote situations. What can I do?

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Set up netcat to listen on a given port, say 4444 on network A, forward port 4444 to the Raspberry Pi in Network's A router, and then connect back with netcat from Network B specifying Network A as remote host and port 4444 as port. I did it just yesterday with SSH and VNC.

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