Forum Thread: How Can I Detect OS from an IP?

I tried ' xprobe2 ' but its not working clearly. Usually it gives me something like this.

Image via

How can i fix this? Or is there an another tool to detect OS?

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Open nmap or zenmap and do quick scan plus

Thanks dude.

nmap is not a reliable way to determine OS, use p0f as OTW suggested

But the picture you posted worked perfectly...
Xprobe gives you probability of other os too..
But by the results its most probably mac osx 10

No, it's OS is Windows. I was testing it.

What was written before other guesses??

You can find many tutorials for OS fingerprinting under the recon section of the how-to tab. Another tool you could use is hping3.


Thanks dude.

Another way to know OS from a LAN target is simply sniff traffic passively. You can notice a lot of os specific behaviour, like browser headers (they can be forged, but still, nobody cares to change user-agent), autoupdates from programs, adware, system,

Thanks dude.

Xprobe hasn't been updated in awhile. Try using p0f.

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