Forum Thread: How Can I DOS on All the Hosts in an AP?

In my college there's a AP for students.. and i have tried doing DOS
to particular host using hping3,scapy,nping. and it works fluent.

But i am not getting how can i DOS everyone who is using the AP except me. I tried doing DOS on the router, but doesn't work , they have sonic wall router with built in firewall.

Please let me know how to DOS everyone in the AP except me.

Thank you in advance.

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You can try arpspoof. You will make them think someone else is the gateway, packets will never be forwarded correctly and never reach their destination. Detection and countermeasures are quite simple anyway, so make sure you understand what you're doing.

^This is one way to do it.

You could build a very simple script using scapy that iterates through every host on the network and sends X number of packets per iteration. Put that inside a while loop and use a keyboard interrupt to stop the attack.

can you give the link of the script, i dont know scripting.

But how to arpspoof all the hosts. tell me if the below command is'nt wrong.
arpspoof -i eth0 -t 192.168.1/24

Aw, right.. in this case better use ettercap.
Your command won't work because arpspoof does not accept ip ranges, only single targets.

Or you can first understand how it works, then make a script that randomly sends spoofed arp messages every X seconds to the whole subnet.

In ettercap m getting this error

Unified sniffing already started...
Activating chkpoison plugin...
poison: Checking poisoning status...
chkpoison: No poisoning at all :(

Post also your full command line.

m using GUI ettercap

if I'm not mistaken, arpspoof will consider all hosts on the LAN if not specified the target ip address.

I thought that was ettercap.. // // (<= all hosts)

@anamika, you don't really need the gui for this, dig into the -T flag.

what do you exactly mean?

Ya, than we have to specify the router IP, isn't it?
I tried specifying router's IP but it has a firewall.
And its too good. but i am on my way to find a vulnerability.
It has only two ports open 80 and 443.

Change the password used to connect to the AP.

It's a bit of a joke, to be fair. But I'm partly serious. There's something elegant about simplicity.


our college AP actually dont have any password neither its open.
Every student is given a username (his name) with the same password.

And his mac is registerd, and after registering he gets a long pass phrase which is just damn long.. and every student has unique passphrase.

But you need not need to register the mac.. First i thaught they hace mac filtering, but later came to know that the yhavent configure it properly. so if u enter anyone's user name and pass and login ull get the passphrase. and you can use it to connect to AP.


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