Forum Thread: How Can I Embed a Payload in a Working Pdf File ,So That, the One Who Opens It Wont Know Its a Malacious Pdf?

I was thinking if i could download an ebook and then embed a payload to it and then send it to my friend so that when he opens the book the file opens normally with its contents and at the same time the code gets executed. In this way he could enjoy reading the book and i would enjoy with the meterpreter :)

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Thank You very much...... :D I am gonna check it right now :D

Wow just what i was looking for thank you very much!!!!

really!! Where is the answer ? the solution ? I need it!

I may be reading this wrong, but please, don't attach malicious or bad things to stuff. >:( Don't make victims of people. And what's a meterpreter? Be good to others eh?! o/

My meterpreter session is not starting plz help me...

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