Forum Thread: How Can I Gain a Meterpreter Shell Through a Normal Usb and Autorun?

I'm a newbie, but am very interested in learning weather or not this will work.

I would like to be able to gain access to a windows 7/8 machine through a usb autorun script, and then control the computer via meterpreter shell from there.

Does anybody know of anything that I can do or use?

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You could look into rubber ducky HID attacks.

find flags in file

I reading about an idea somewhere (maybe in OTW's tutorials about Mr. Robot) that you could re-program a usb stick to act like a keyboard, and "type" a bunch of commands as soon as it was inserted. This would be difficult in terms of hardware, but there are wireless keyboards, so you could possibly get away with using the USB receiver of a wireless keyboard (pretending it's a flash drive...), and "hacking" the keyboard unit itself to send the keystrokes, assuming you could leave your unit in range for a little while. (A Raspberry Pi or an Arduino could come in handy...)

Autorun is usually disabled, so if you really did want to go the flash drive route, some social engineering would likely be necessary.

Hi !

and just search for tutorials !

  • If you can't buy it you can take a look how to make a simple device and inject it's Firmware , but not all devices are supported :

Here's some links :

  • Or you can make a simple auto-run by Cobaltstrike :
  • Or you can Make a simple Auto-run without cobaltstrike :

Enjoy :)

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