Forum Thread: How Can I Go Through Gmail Login Policy?

I hacked someone's gmail through fishing but I couldn't access it because gmail said im not him and that i can access it from a device he logged on before or a location he used to be in or a wifi he used to use

I cant do any of those and I have to use his gmail so can I do something or no.
And I dont have a powerful pc and im running windows

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But, you know the device right? which the victim used to login from? Use emulator to login, and on setting's change the device to the device the victim used to login from, though might be IP issue, but I think it should work. And plus you can even use a mock location to fake your original login location.

No i don't know his device any advice to find that out?

Well u used phishing right? So your server might have detected the victim device

Ok I found a way to get it, now what about mocking my location how can I do that?

Well you can spoof your location through either by using VPN or by just Using apps that mocks your. location.

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