Forum Thread: How Can I Hack a Hackers Gmail Account?

The person's Gmail account I want to hack is a hacker themselves, they use Linux and much more that is just way over my head. I literally just got into the world of hacking less then two months ago, before that I honestly thought it was just something that the FBI and other government agencies did. On top of being super new to this, I haven't understood anything about all these different programs in the past two months and I have been reading everything I can about all this. So... Can someone please help me by telling me the absolute easiest way to hack a Gmail account?


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I'm 99% certain you haven't read anything at all. Because if you did, you should know better.


Shorting the link with bitly... very clever...


I'm going to use this method next time.

Why would you want to hack a "hacker"?

...minus one kudos...


Yes, but I believe that this is still a question that has little to no research behind it.


A little constructive criticism.. Not only are you trying to run before you can crawl, you are trying to do something illegal and on top of that, you risk making an enemy, who, you claim, is a hacker. At what point do you think this became a terrible idea? I don't want to discourage you from learning hacking skills, but I think if you read over your post again, you should see why this would be a bad mistake. Read your fill on null-byte, and hack responsibly ;)

What you're trying to do is like breaking into a bank when you havn't done petty theft yet. You say he is more knowledgable than you when it comes to this, so why not just leave it be? Leavning it be surely is better than being paranoid about what happens next... second guessing if you did a good enough job.

Quick kill him before he lays eggs!

all the procedure suggested i done ,it was ok ,but while writing command on sethc was not accepting and my admin password of window does not change or broke.plzz suggest me another.

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