Forum Thread: How Can I Hack My College's Website to Change My Transcript

i want to hack my college website to change my grades,i only have its ip address, what softwares or other information do i need and how do i go about it

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Start my downloading Kali Linux. Then do recon to determine its operating system, services, ports and applications.

how do i determine those?

you need to download and install Kali Linux first. Then read my reconnaissance articles here.

how to download kali linux for AMD based 64bit laptop ? ....plz help me

I had issues with my college grades and I wanted to make it reflect on my transcript. My illness could not make me concentrate on college and the school was not fare to me and they didn't want me to continue or reapply. Now, I contact mastercodes10@ gmail .com on this same page to help me rectify this since he has helped a lot of people and to my surprise, he has done great job. I'm feeling better than ever and I'm waiting till I reapply and my grades has meet up the requirement. This is great

cool thanks let me do that

So you want to hack into your university system to change grade? eh?

It's pretty easy. There is two way.

1st Procedure:
Learn OS, Network -> 1 year
Learn about vulnerabilities -> 6 month
Learn to use hacking tools needs to exploit vulnerabilities -> 6 month
Search and exploit vulnerabilities of target system -> 5 mins to 8 days

2nd Procedure:
Read semester books to get good marks -> 6 months

Now choice is yours.

Remember hacking is not like you spent a couple of days on it, learn about couple of vulnerabilities, install couple of tools and bamm! It's need years to get even fair command over it. It's like worship.

If you're still interested, go through following link so we can give you heads up on how do to it and perfect method, no trace and also remember, we don't support hacking or breaking any law but for educational purpose.


Do better in school so you don't have to hack?


fire up kali and then open nikto,execute the command "nikto -h"(w/o quotes) find out the vulnerabilities and exploit those vulnerabilities.u will find exploits @,once you are in the required tasks by escalating the privilages..BEWARE : DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK...IF UA CAUGHT U'LL BE THE NEXT ZUCKERBERG

Dude plz teach me i findd some ports open i used the brute force.but where do i find my results and change them.

Find an open port using nmap and then try to bruteforce the username and password but CHANGE THE GRADES IS A CRIME YOU CAN BE ARRESTED FOR THIS.

hello, am very new to all of this, recently (last year) had my grades fixed by an hacker, initially i thought this was a temporary fix, but it's over 2 months now and i haven't gotten into any trouble, so it's safe to assume geniusolution did me a solid, I recommend you all contact (geniusolution @ cyberservices. com) he is a great hacker and affordable

The best way to get your grades changed if neccessary is to contact a professional. I'm not the type to come online to comment on articles but i got my grades fixed at a very great time with the darkwebsolutions dot co organization. They are into alot of ethical hacking, remote access and so on..

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