Forum Thread: How Can I Hack My College's Website to Change My Transcript

i want to hack my college website to change my grades,i only have its ip address, what softwares or other information do i need and how do i go about it

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Start my downloading Kali Linux. Then do recon to determine its operating system, services, ports and applications.

how do i determine those?

you need to download and install Kali Linux first. Then read my reconnaissance articles here.

how to download kali linux for AMD based 64bit laptop ? ....plz help me

cool thanks let me do that

Do better in school so you don't have to hack?


fire up kali and then open nikto,execute the command "nikto -h"(w/o quotes) find out the vulnerabilities and exploit those vulnerabilities.u will find exploits @,once you are in the required tasks by escalating the privilages..BEWARE : DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK...IF UA CAUGHT U'LL BE THE NEXT ZUCKERBERG

Dude plz teach me i findd some ports open i used the brute force.but where do i find my results and change them.

Find an open port using nmap and then try to bruteforce the username and password but CHANGE THE GRADES IS A CRIME YOU CAN BE ARRESTED FOR THIS.

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