Forum Thread: How Can I Hack My College's Website to Change My Transcript

i want to hack my college website to change my grades,i only have its ip address, what softwares or other information do i need and how do i go about it

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Start my downloading Kali Linux. Then do recon to determine its operating system, services, ports and applications.

how do i determine those?

you need to download and install Kali Linux first. Then read my reconnaissance articles here.

cool thanks let me do that

Do better in school so you don't have to hack?


fire up kali and then open nikto,execute the command "nikto -h"(w/o quotes) find out the vulnerabilities and exploit those vulnerabilities.u will find exploits @,once you are in the required tasks by escalating the privilages..BEWARE : DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK...IF UA CAUGHT U'LL BE THE NEXT ZUCKERBERG

Dude plz teach me i findd some ports open i used the brute force.but where do i find my results and change them.

Find an open port using nmap and then try to bruteforce the username and password but CHANGE THE GRADES IS A CRIME YOU CAN BE ARRESTED FOR THIS.

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