Forum Thread: How I Can Hide My Ip Address When I Try to Hack Webserver?

I know it's possible to use socks proxy on localhost but it makes some problem for me. I can't understand how customize it. For example dante-server for debian. Any thoughts about this?

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TOR Browser is unsafe. The fed's already have most of the nodes. VPN's and or Proxychains.

Although I agree that ToR has some problems, it is NOT true that the Feds have most of the nodes.

I would personally use a no-logs VPN because:

  • They have no logs
  • They are more secure than proxies
  • Most VPNs are up 24/7
  • My VPN is fast AND free
  • It's much simpler to configure VPNs rather than proxies.

One down side to VPNs is that Kali Linux doesn't have native support for VPNs, but you can easily set it up. Follow this tutorial to do so:

Thanks for respounding...Recently I try launching proxychains under tor. It works. Think, VPN will be right choise.
When I try to crack pass (e.g. aircrack, john the ripper) how I can spread bruteforce between targets hosts?

As long as you don't run VPNs with ToR, you should be good.

how do i stay anonymous when i use nmap and other thiings how o i modify my ip

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