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Sorry for the vague request, but I'd like ideas on how to get back at some guy who harassed my daughter online. Ok, so I have his handphone number, his address, and a working laptop to install whatever I need. I have an E-mail spoofer, and I am also proficient in HTML and CSS (won't help much in this case) and I'm currently learning JavaScript. I figured I'd turn to the community for ideas and angle of attacks. I have no physical access not am I within close proximity of the target. Help please?

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html and css wont help at all here but you could use some social engineering.

and maybe use beef xss to hook his mobile browser

I was about to say, you got his address I would just go say what's up.
but any who.

Mix & Match Theory:
Number = SMS links to
Email = Reset his world
HTML+CSS+JScript = Crafty landing pages..
Tool that talks to me = SEToolkit

I guess it depends how hard you want to get at him. I would suggest targeting his email, and as CYBERHIT said, use SEToolkit. SEToolkit is great for this kind of stuff. Assumingly you know what provider he uses, try cloning his providers login page, somehow sending it to him (perhaps through an email...), and use the credential harvester perhaps? This would allow you (if he's stupid enough), to login to his email, if you look into a lot of large scale hacks involving heists of millions from paypal and bitcoin, the weakest link was the email accounts. Once you own the email account, you own them. You could then use a burner phone (or a disused anonymous pay as you go phone) to contact him and arrange a ransom for his accounts back, obviously after you have owned all of his accounts.


Thank you all for your prompt responses. In case you're wondering, he lives in another county so straight up walking up to him isn't really an option. I've been exploring sites with XSS vulnerabilities (any popular suggestions?), at the same time I've been looking into all the various tools you've men tioned. On a side note, I have jailbroken my phone and installed cydia, iNinjas and all. However, I cant seem to get them working on mobile terminal. I've read the guide here but it still doesn't work. I'm on IOS 8.1.2. Help? Thanks again guys!

I think you should also know that this can carry heavy penalties.

I'm not any sort of counsellor or anything; but sometimes it's just best to leave things.


You could try using something like Maltego to dig up more info linked to his accounts.

But yeah, doing this would be sinking to that guy's level and could potentially lead to future legal or personal problems, so as ghost said - maybe you should consider walking away.

Edit: He lives in another county nevermind, tell him to stop harrasing your daughter and tell him the information you have. Don't threaten him, you could get in trouble as well.

Or perhaps his number and details could slip into one of the nastier chat rooms on IRC I'm sure one of those kids can come up with some interesting use for personal details, of course you would never do anything like that. Theres just this post as evidence, Nullbytes cache cant be that long

Let's just look at the facts: he is a disturbed man who probably harasses dozens of girls every week, your daughter is probably not special to him and he is likely to leave her alone sooner or later if she just ignores him. He poses no immediate threat to your daughter and is unlikely to try to harm her at this point without significant previous escalation.

By hacking and and getting back at him you are raising the stakes, and escalating the situation. You make the situation personal and your daughter now stands out among the many girls he has probably harassed.

If you still decide to go ahead, you better be sure about two things:

  • That you can't be traced. You can't protect your girl if you're in prison
  • That he'd have no way to link this to your daughter. It would just be a vendetta from an anonymous source.

If you thought it's a good idea to intimidate him into leaving your daughter alone, think again, and read "The gift of fear" and "Protecting the gift."

Best of luck.

Why do people come on here to get "payback" on people like this? How about not letting too many boys get close to your daughter? People need to stop making one-off accounts asking for hacking information. I have a feeling this guy is somebody in Kentucky?

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