Forum Thread: Can I Know Why Code Breaking Is Interesting for Some People

can some one give ans pls

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First of all: If you would have read the forum rules, you'd know that posts require a minimum amount of english skills. What you've written is totally undecryptable.

But let me make an educated guess: You want to know the reasons why people are reverse engineering code, right?

There are the threes "F"'s of every motive behind every crime except for violent crimes:

Some people grab the code and sell it on the black market to make money. They either sell the program for a cheaper prize than the developers or they sell the source code to other companies

Some people want to get internet cred, they write cracks or reverse engineer programs to become famous on the net. Those people mostly distribute the code for free.

Other people just do it for the heck of it. They enjoy what they're doing and test areas just don't provide enough of a challenge. Those people mostly don't share their result with anyone, because they don't want to harm the developers of the software.

Then there's always that kind of person that we all here want to become or already are, White-Hats, who break into software / code legally. It's their job, because if they crack it, the developers can protect their code better and other, malicious elements won't have it as easy.

Hope this answer is not completely off your question.

Decrypting his encryption (using: GamingChatLanguage)
original post: can some one give ans pls

translated post: Can someone give an answer to my question "Can I know why reverse engineering code is interesting for some people"?

Moving forward,

what I think is cool about code breaking/reverse engineering is that you get to break programs and make it do things it wasn't intended to do. Then report to the app's developer. In my opinion, I feel like a good person finding loopholes and letting the developer know, and help fix it. Before another person comes and exploits it for their own benefit.

In addition to this, it's time saving. Why write your own malware from scratch when you can modify pre-existing malware to fit your needs.

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