Forum Thread: How Can I Make My Kali Linux Apache2 Server Accessible to People Not Connected to My Network?

I use Kali Linux 2020 with Xfce4 and VirtualBox. I created a payload to send to my victim and was looking up delivery methods and thought that HTTP would probably be the best.

I used the service apache2 start command and the server worked fine on the OS itself. On my external Windows OS it didn't work. Then I changed the OS's settings from NAT Network to Bridged and this time it worked on the Windows machine and my local network. Then I routed my public IP (which also worked) to a free No-IP domain (

I want to make my server accessible to people beyond my network. Is this possible?

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I found the answer and for those who are stuck at the same problem, it's relatively simple and I'm dumb :E

1 - do ifconfig in the kali Linux terminal and remember your inet IP

1.5 - make sure that VirtualBox has a bridged connection to Kali Linux, not a NAT Network

2 - do route -n in the terminal and copy that gateway IP and paste that in your browser

3 - port forward the port 8080 (look up instructions on how to) from your inet IP

4 - now when you want to connect, turn on apache2 and connect with <yourpublicip>:8080

I was being dumb, and sorry for the crude answer, but I hope this solves your problem!


I did qll of this but when i try to connect from another device i get this eror:
This site can't be reached
Xx.xx.xx.xx refused to connect.

Checking the connection

Is it becuse of router firwall? I turn it off and even in the modem setting make it visibale to all ip range on wan. What is the problem? How does you don't get this eror?

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