Forum Thread: Can Not Use ProxyChains

Hello guys,

I want to use proxies to stay anonymous but i have a problem, my proxies are working and looks High+KA in also says they are elite. But when i typed ' proxychains iceweasel ' to terminal, an Iceweasel browser opens but everything is same. My ip is same and nothing appears in terminal. So i was think it is a problem about proxychains because i was did everything right -i think-. Then i downloaded proxychains4 but i have the same error. There is my config file, please help me.


NOTE: I tried another proxies and i tried Nick Wade's suggestion.

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# ProxyList format
# type ip port user pass
# (values separated by 'tab' or 'blank')
# only numeric ipv4 addresses are valid
# Examples:
# socks5 1080 lamer secret
# http 8080 justu hidden
# socks4 1080
# http 8080
# proxy types: http, socks4, socks5
# ( auth types supported: "basic"-http "user/pass"-socks )
# add proxy here ...
# meanwile
# defaults set to "tor"
#socks4 9050

http 8118
http 82

----------------Dork Results on
Status Port Name Result Time (ms)
21 ftp Refused (RST) 0
22 ssh Open 266
23 telnet Open 266
25 smtp Filtered 0
53 dns Open 266
80 http Open 266
110 pop3 Refused (RST) 0
111 portmapper, rpcbind Refused (RST) 0
135 Microsoft RPC services Refused (RST) 0
139 netbios Refused (RST) 0
143 imap Refused (RST) 0
389 ldap Filtered 0
443 https Filtered 0
445 SMB directly over IP Refused (RST) 0
587 msa-outlook Refused (RST) 0
1025 IIS, NFS, or listener RFS remotefilesharing Filtered 0
1352 lotus notes Refused (RST) 0
1433 sql server Refused (RST) 0
1723 Point-to-point tunnelling protocol Refused (RST) 0
3306 my sql Refused (RST) 0
3389 remote desktop Refused (RST) 0
5060 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Refused (RST) 0
5900 Virtual Network Computer display 0 Refused (RST) 0
6001 X Window server Filtered 0
8080 webcache Open 250

This server has no 8118 open... Could be the problem

On a side note this server is highly banned and monitored by Multiple agencies...

So is my proxy broken? I do not understand really :&

and the other one is listed as inactive.

I thought you told me that you had tried other proxies???

yes, i was tried. I swear i tried lots of proxy, are they really broken?


I think i should change my site or buy some proxies. Because i can swear i try lots of proxy :(

Actually, I can confirm 8118 is working with iceweasel manual proxy, but not with proxychains.

EDIT: I used wireshark to debug both connections, and found out the problem. Fixing is another story, but you'll see they connect in two different ways. I won't spoil the fun in finding out yourself, as debugging a connection is something very useful in similar cases.

NVM Im getting hyper. ;-P

Cx2H don't scan no servers and post results in public.. (Rookie mistakes)

This server is listed on EVERY anti hacker database I found. I am a search all-star btw.

You can find a lot of free proxies online, but it's hard to tell which ones work and which ones don't.

Just update your list regularly with socks5 proxies and make sure they connect without any issuesn(apparently those are the most secure)

Socks5 are good for almost any type of connection, while http proxies work only for... http.

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