Forum Thread: Can a Proxy Be a Honeypot?

After a year of lurking I finally bought a class on Kali Linux and started learning the CLI and the basics of pentesting, and I found out about proxychains and how you can connect to supposedly anonymous web servers.

Could one of these free servers be a honeypot by the government to track hackers?

Just a curious question :)

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2 Responses

absolute anonymity is a myth...because after all, there are people behind those proxies, people that WE DON'T KNOW, and shit should be expected any time. Even Tor is not secure...the NSA is already in control of many exit nodes, and whoever is in control of exit nodes is in control of everything, as Elliot says in Mr.Robot

see the film 'DOPE' a scene in the film they use tor browser to sell drugs.

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