Forum Thread: Can I Remotely Control/Use My Smartphone's WiFi Adapter from My Computer?

Hi! :D

I recently started playing Watch Dogs (I know too late...) and I really geeked out by the intro: . In this video, Aiden (the protagonist) is connected to a hotel's wifi hotspot in order to give access to his friend who is on his computer at a remote location. Can this happen? I mean, can I make this work by setting up a VPN between my smartphone and my PC and then through some magic-trickery (an app similar to easytether ?) use my wifi adapter remotely to either sniff packets or whatever? Thanks!

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I've seen this intro before and here is what I think is happening.

Aiden connects to the network locally, and his hacker friend routes through him. It goes like this

Hacker -> Internet -> Aiden -> Network -> Victim(s)

Yes this is possible, all you'd need to a payload on the phone and port forwarding configured on the router. Once you execute the payload on the phone to stationary attacker could establish a route on the phone and pivot into the network.

In short, yes it's possible, but not very straight forward.

If you are asking if you can crack wifi with your phone's wifi adapter: no.

If you are asking if you can give someone access remotely through your phone to the wifi network you are already connected to (like Aiden does here): yes. #BringBackOTW


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