Forum Thread: How Can I Solve This?

So, I was testing Metasploit and Fatrat. I managed to embed a payload on an original apk (Insta apk).

I have a script for persistent payloads but it works only with payloads made with msfvenom.

So, how can i make it work on any apk?

This is the script

while true
do am start --user 0 -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.metasploit.stage/.MainActivity
sleep 10

com.metasploit.stage I guess it is the process name and MainActivity the apk name

So if i follow the same rules and change com.metasploit.stage to and MainActivity to Instagram, msf returns this code:

Error: Activity class {} does not exist.

What is the solution for this?

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Hi man, Just Clear out one thing, You Actually want to TOTALLY Convert: MainActivity to Instagram or want to embed Payload in Original Instagram.apk ?

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