Forum Thread: Can somebody help me how to Spoof Ip Address While Hacking.

do we have to use softwares or others.need help.

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use Tor browser with proxychains

don't use TOR. it has been compromised quite some time ago by the NSA.


In my opinion, TOR is still good.

I mean, all attacks towards the users are made on application level, not network level. They used browser exploits, client misconfiguration (allowing websocks, STUN, etc..), supercookies,... nothing that deals with TOR codebase itself . They used exit nodes to inject scripts and all, but that is exactly how the network works. So if you know how to move, and take precautions, you can still use it safely.

The bigger is the network, the safer it is. The more people stop using it, the more the 'bad guys' can plant their relays, monitor traffic, higher the chances to hit a rogue 'guard' server, and THAT would be the death of the network.

People get scared of all the stings on dark markets, truth is they are setup either from scammers, or they have agents from the beginning, and that is history. Social engineering and time played then a role where trust was given to the wrong guy, and the whole business went down. And not because of TOR, but because of unsavy people using it.

google for some SOCKS proxys then setup proxychains with those proxys, then in the terminal

proxychains YOUR APP

watch out which proxy you pick.


yeah, go with Russians as the NSA have no Jurisdiction

i'm not talking about that (only). you never know who is reading the info on the proxy, let alone who owns the damn thing! besides, if you are going to hack a russian organization, you should use a proxy in the US or Europe (preferably Europe) .


Thank you guys for helping me and I want to ask can I use proxychains in windows.thank you.

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