Forum Thread: Can Someone Tell Me How Whatsapp Send a Image from a Android Phone?

I am just so curious how the whatsapp(android) work, how they send a photo ? How the whole process of sending a message form 1 phone to other ?Did they will change the photo content? That kind of question .Can someone help? plz!!!!

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you may create a proxy wifi on your computer, and then let your android phone connect it . when you send a photo with whatsapp, use wireshark to analyze the data

They wont change the photo content.. they can but why would they.?

The photo you send is uploaded on their server and a link to that photo is sent to anyone you or any other person forward it to.. and then it is downloaded

So.....they will send the photo exactly what i uploaded? They will not preform some lossy compression?

That im not sure of...
They could be compressing it.. you can try sending a trial pic..

I used to tinker wih watshapp 1 or 2 years ago, and I had your same question. I came to conclusion that no pic altering was made, neither in the profile pictures, nor in sent files. Downsampling an image could save them some big terabytes per day, but probably they want to store as much highdef. data as they can. Our data is very valuable to them.

Anyway, I found out sending back and forth some stegged / malformed pic and I was able to retrieve them as-is. That is how it used to work until last year. I don't have WA anymore. If you want to do some research, look for whatsapi (php - just found out it's DEAD, possibly replaced with:) WHAnonymous (php) or yowsup (python)

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