Forum Thread: How Can I Unlock All the Sites in My Schools Network?

we have a very tight security program
we have no access to proxy servers or tor or VPN
how could i unlock all the sites
if you need more detail i can provide it tomorrow
thanks in advance

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Try using https instead of http for sites that arent https by default. Try using the actual websites ip address in case they only blocked site names. Or try using google cached websites. You could also try throwing ultrasurf on a flash drive and use it as a proxy if you want to risk getting in trouble.

@PLAGUE thanks ill try it out tomorrow

No system is foolproof, they can't be blocking all proxies, you can keep trying different proxies and vpn providers and one is bound to work. If the machines have wireless you could also tether to your phone or a mifi and bypass the school network all together.

Indigo ghost
What do you mean tether your phone or a mifi(?)

If the school computer is on wireless and you have a smartphone you can connect the wireless to your personal hotspot on your phone just as you would any other wireless. On a iPhone its under settings-personal hotspot and on android it can vary but will be in the settings. The same could also be done with a mifi if you own one or felt like buying one.

Yeah but then you would have to pay?

That depends on your carrier.

AS INDIGO GHOST said you first of all you must try with VPN providers or different proxie servers..!
Some times it's also helpful to trying HTTP instead of HTTPS
you can also try windows application named ULTRA SURF..!
it'll allow you to surf blocked websites.

Heeeey thats a good idea i might try that

But the pc in our school is already in a network if i put my vpn network up wont they see in the"controlroom" that there is a pc missing in the network?

If you have an android, try using Psiphon.

I have ios

Os so we have a sort of security progeam that blocks sites with certain keywords in it like nullbyte cant be opend because of the keyword hacking and proxa and vpn sites because of proxy/VPN

Http or https doesnt work either :/

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