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How can i use internet on my Kali Linux (i'm using live usb)

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If you use a live USB, just click the little wifi button on the top right of the bar and select your wifi.

Ok, but my wifi keeps disapperingand returning... Like blinking, something like turn off and turn off...

Now it tells me "Oops, something has gone wrong, NetworkManager needs to be running"

Go in terminal and type.
service network-manager restart

It said cannot find network manager

Type it like this, "service NetworkManager restart

Now, there are no Wifi's showing...
I am close to my wifi, so it should detect it... So i think there is a problem...

service NetworkManager status
What does it say now?

But when i run iwconfig... It recognizes it...

I have got it to use internet... But its only USB tethering...

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