Forum Thread: Can I Use John the Ripper to Get Past a Windows Login Screen?

Password Cracking

I'm running Kali Linux which already has "John" installed. Its been awhile since I found a urge to get back into the swing of things with Kali and all of its toys.. tools If I wanted to bypass the login screen on a more modern version of windows say windows 7 or 8 could I somehow make "John" a live boot and take care of that. Or would something else be suggested? Anything helps!

p.s. if anyone with the skill level is willing to mentor or teach a few things about Kali please message me. Being completely honesty I'm kinda looking for a partner in crime. Speaking strictly metaphorically now.....

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Why don't you use the Kali live boot from a USB pen? I think it has JTR on it by default, I don't know if it will do what you want but I belive its there.

Easiest way to bypass a Windows password is with Hiren's BootCD ( then select Kon-Boot from the menu. As far as I know it still works on Windows 7 and 8.

well the whole idea is I'm trying to setup a metasploit session but social engineering tactics have not been working. I just need to get something installed on the windows os (hate windows personally..) so I can drop a payload or establish a backdoor. If it helps the user is on my same network.

Do you have physical access to the computer?

Yes I do. I'm just not going to play 20 questions and try to guess the password

See if you can give this a try:

Boot from an USB drive with Ophcrack to get the password.
Or log on without having the password with Kon Boot.

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