Forum Thread: Can VPNs "Leak"?

Curious me is wondering...

lets say I find a VPN, is it possible to make it leak the real user's IP?

(not that I'm planning on doing that to anyone, I'm just curious as to whether or not this is possible, or impossible)

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6 Responses

Not properly configured DNS, not proper methods for WebRTC, not properly configured for ipv6 ... only ones I can think of right now.

Well if you get logged into root over SSH then you can get any info you want.

yes, if you use vpn chain may reduce the opportunity of leaking ip

create a website and have it leak webrtc and social engineer the person to visit the website

Either get the IP directly from the user(different ways for that) or logs of VPN server.
As to leaking, no reputed VPN provider does that simply on its own. So that'd be an ambiguous statement to make.

-The Joker

It is possible to find someone IP even though they are on a VPN yes.

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