Forum Thread: How Can We Amateurs Help Null Byte Grow?

Welcome, All registered users of NullByte!

I have made this thread 'cause I am starting to think that NullByte has some useless posts made which appears on the front page for 2 days since it has been posted, and those useless or stupid posts drive visitors away from this website. (I have made a huge share of useless posts myself) Why not make this community better?

I very well know that all of you here is special in some way of hacking, so why not use it to the better of NullByte? I have made a list of 3 very tiny - tiny things that can make NullByte better below :-

  • Post Source Codes : Posting source codes can help many visitors of this site.
  • Post News on Hacking : Posting this can make visitors think that NullByte is constantly Improving and growing as a Hacker Community.
  • Shift "Other How-to Posts"'s best ones to various sub - categories of the "How to" page like "DB Hacking" : This will make visitors of NullByte think that there is a lot of content in NullByte as they usually ignore "the Other How-To Posts" Sub - category.

That's it! Try to do the things mentioned above and improve NullByte! If you have any more suggestions, put it in the comments.

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7 Responses

Also they already have an inspirational section for news.

Code: It's being posted already, it's nicer if it's along a few words explaining what it does.

News: Already beingg done, too. But this page is more about how to's than news, I believe.

Categorizing: You're right, it'd be nice to have a different ordering of How To posts, as the only way to find something not made by the main creators is use the search bar. Still, I like it the way it is.

You complain about useless post around the site but yet make another one. Try simply not posting everything that comes into your head and limiting it to useful information people (including yourself) can learn from?

Maybe not as aggressively, but I agree with Dill_.

I would like to apologize if I seem over aggressive and/or mean, I don't want to discourage anyone. I simply mean all the effort put into several useless post could have been put into one great post so that people could learn.

For the last time, you can't post source code without getting formatting errors. It's just too difficult. Either that, or it's hard for people to read the code. If you are going to post code, use PasteBin until Bryan finishes the code tool.

NullF0x, we can't change our how-to subjects. I don't know why, but the admins don't allow us to do that. We do not have permission, and I would think you would know this too. If we did have permission, Cameron and I would've already added our posts to that section. Actually, I would like a good answer as to why we can't. Justin? I don't know who I'm angry at right now. Your ignorance for understanding how we run thing here is starting to to really annoy me, and I'm sure I speak for many others as well.

Those "useless posts"? You mean the questions asked by people in need? Or people wondering how to exploit a certain vulnerability? You and I have a very different point of view.

Posting news on hacking? We already do, however that's not the point of Null Byte. This community is hosted by, thus we post how-to's, not news.

I'm not trying to be rude, but you don't seem to show much improvement to where you said you would go. I'm going to give you the same advice OTW gave me when I was like you. "I suggest you sit back and watch for a while before you blurt out your thoughts."

It's nothing personal, I just don't want you to repeat the same mistakes I made.

Darn it... flame wall.

I think it better to get along do remember this when a kingdom splits it new to this site and i hope to see null byte grow ..had a great impression from this site...god bless you guys .keep up the good work..greetings from the dominican republic

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