Forum Thread: Can You Gain Access to a Computer/Device Without Having to Send the Target Anything?

So, I think I already know the answer to this (seeing as I cannot find an answer anywhere).

Is it in anyway possible to gain access to a device (laptop,phone, computer...) without first making and sending a file/exploit/payload that the target has to interact with?

What i mean is, if I am on the same network as the target (say an unfaithful girlfriend, suspicious guest or unauthorized wifi piggy-backer) is there a way to gain access to their system witout them having to click on a link/email/message or anything?

I vaguely remember seeing something like this a while back but I could have made it up.

I'm still pretty new to all this world but I just feel that if we are on the same network, the connection is already there to some sort of extent so I should be able to accomplish this just from my end.

As I said, I am a self proclaimed noob so I am more than happy to accept that I could be wrong. I just want to learn.

any help would be great.

If it helps I'm running Ubuntu as native and I have Kali on USB for the stuff I can't get on Ubuntu.

Thanks guys,

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Hello and welcome to Null-Byte,

As you've said that you've looked quite hard for what you seek, I would take the liberty to say that "You didn't look for it hard enough" xD.

<a href = ""> Here is a great article </a> from OTW if you want to give it a try. And also I would like to advise that If you are already on the same network as the Mate/lady, Then You just skip the wifi cracking part.

Hope it helped and Happy hunting~

I AM NOT responsible for anything that you do with the knowledge that I've directly or Indirectly provided you with, So just be careful and don't book yourself a place in jail


You are a legend! This is the article I was talking about haha.
I didn't think I'd seen it on here so didn't even bother to check too hard on nullbyte.

Thanks. Much love


I'm also new but i think you can hook your victim with MITMF and BeEF and then you use the Metasploit command, I'm right ?

Why do all of those things when you are on the same network and your GF/or anything is using a old laptop with windows 7 or Xp or Vista with ahum loads of ;) vulnerabilities... So You just have to fire the bullet mate... the rest is up to the bullet.

Happy huntin!


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