Forum Thread: Can You Hack Someones Gmail Password in Kali Linux by Just Knowing Their Gmail Account??

How do you hack someone by just knowing their gmail account?

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12 Responses

By performing a spear-phishing attack.


Can you hack for me Gmail account

Do you mean gmail account as in there username/Email username ??
If so then probably you could try phishing
Which you send a email to the person saying something urgent has happen as you need them to activate something
Then link them to a web form where there asked for their password
After its entered that information will be sent to you.

other then that... i don't think its possible

I do not recommend this, but you can send a spoof email from them to their email company requesting a password change, then log in that way.

However this is (probably) illegal, so please don't do that :)

can auh help me ! how can i got someone gmail's password by knowing her/him email oV her/him gmail account ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how would i be able to do this?

Wth don't talk to people like that we said a answer
Other than that NO it's not possible to hacks. Gmail with a username phishing or nothing okay

Sorry wasn't to you was to the other guy

google has tightened their security settings and it is nearly impossible to hack gmail account by just knowing account address,the only way is to send a spoof or spam mail to trick user to log into some fake web page to capture his login details.

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