Forum Thread: Can You Hack Someones Gmail Password in Kali Linux by Just Knowing Their Gmail Account??

How do you hack someone by just knowing their gmail account?

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By performing a spear-phishing attack.


Do you mean gmail account as in there username/Email username ??
If so then probably you could try phishing
Which you send a email to the person saying something urgent has happen as you need them to activate something
Then link them to a web form where there asked for their password
After its entered that information will be sent to you.

other then that... i don't think its possible

I do not recommend this, but you can send a spoof email from them to their email company requesting a password change, then log in that way.

However this is (probably) illegal, so please don't do that :)

can auh help me ! how can i got someone gmail's password by knowing her/him email oV her/him gmail account ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how would i be able to do this?

Wth don't talk to people like that we said a answer
Other than that NO it's not possible to hacks. Gmail with a username phishing or nothing okay

Sorry wasn't to you was to the other guy

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