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My question is :

Can you load a key logger to another computer with an auto exe. file where the other person would not know. I would like to give a thumb drive with photos on the drive and then hide a key logger file that will run once it is put into the Usb drive the auto execute in the background without the other person knowing that is running???

If this can be done then can I access it remotely?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Thank you for the information. The way I was going to get this installed is through the thumb drive with photo on it for the other person to move over. If some random programming comes up they will not really understand what is happening and then just load the photos to their computer. Where to I get the firmware you list in the above description?


You can also do this remotely if you wish. If you can get a meterpreter on the target system with metasploit, there is in fact a keystroke recording device on the meterpreter you can use.

Or you could consider using beef browser exploitation framework..

A more stealthy approach would be a meterpreter session being launched remotely by the above or metasploit rather than a USB.

However, it depends on how you are going to be using the USB pen. Are you going to be leaving it somewhere in the hope someone runs it out off curiousity? or are you going to run it on the victims machine yourself. If that answer is the latter then sure, go with USB pen drive with a payload as nobody will see the command prompt session launch.

Also have a look at the rubber ducky on the hak5 website. Hope this helps

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