Forum Thread: Can You Run Kali Programs in Python on a Windows Computer?

I was wondering if I can clone files from git hub and run them from python on a windows machine. Also, are commands on Kali Linux on python the same as if I wanted to do the same thing on python on windows. For example if I did git clone (github url) on kali it would install the program if I did the same on windows python would it be the same. Sorry if I am a noob I would greatly appreciate help and I thank you in advance.

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It really depends
to simply answer your question:
can we run any linux programs on windows through python?
In short, no.
although you can use some of these programs on windows
some, through python: for example sqlmap.
In other cases, you can run them because they have been ported to windows and compiled versions of them are available
or you can try a coLinux based distribution
basically it runs linux alongside the windows kernel
But I think that it's only available for 32-bit windows systems
But if you're ready to go as far as using coLinux
it's not worth the pain even tho it's faster
simply then just use a virtual machien
hope my answer helped!

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