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Hey there, so recently I have been trying to extend my knowledge with ethical hacking, by watching tutorials for Kali Linux keyloggers and other hacking tools (just for the sake of learning).

Whenever I try to build a keylogger for instance, I must enter my IP address (LHost), so the target's computer can communicate with mine, however, when I type ifconfig in the terminal it only shows my private IP (10.0.0.x) unlike other people who get an IP starting with 192, and whenever I go to "WhatIsMyIP" website, it displays my public IP which starts with 79, and here I'm stuck whether I should enter my public or private one (I'm using a LAN connection).

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you for your time…

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I'm still new with hacking, so I don't know how to port forward my router, however, when I went to my router's settings this shows up in the port forwarding settings.

So what should I do here?

I will read it for sure.
Appreciate your help!

you can also use this command for port forwarding..!!!

ssl -R <port number>:localhost:<port number> <name of the server you want to use for port forwarding>..
easy right!!!

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