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Hey this is Thirdlion, I am new to null byte. I need help learning Metasploit and getting something to work! I have followed many how-tos and nothing seems to work. Metasploit is a new big thing for me and I would like to know how to use it. I have an old Windows Xp can anybody direct me to a guide on how to exploit it?

Thank you, Thirdlion

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Follow along with one of otw's articles, bud. They're very clear and easy for anyone (even an absolute beginner) to understand.

Hmmm... I have tried a lot of the "Hack Like A Pro" How-tos. I understand the code and stuff but they don't work. I will try again though!

hey, so i followed "How to Exploit and Gain Remote Access to PCs Running Windows XP" how-to. I set all my options and stuff, the typed exploit.

This is what i got:

Do you know how to fix this?

Wait i think i figured out the issue. I can't ping the Windows XP. But the Windows XP is on my network and is connected to the internet...

Try using Armitage a GUI add-on of Metasploit it makes exploiting easier

You could set up a Metasploitable VM, if you want a variety of vulnerabilities to practice with.

Maybe try using a Meterpreter as the payload?

Hey ;D I started studying Metasploit about a week ago, nice to meet you.

I had the same problem too, trying to ping machines without getting any response. Try again after disabling the firewall on the target machine, see if that does the work as it did for me.

Also, consider working with reversehttp payloads, they will communicate with your handler through the 8080 port which is not blocked by firewalls on most common machines.

Lemme know my fellow.

Thanks! I thought i disabled the firewall but i will check. Have you hacked an XP yet?
Thanks a lot!

You could always open the port on the machine that you are using for the exploit, and it should run as if there is no firewall at all (I think :P).

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