Forum Thread: Cant Get Social Engineering Kit to Work Correctly.

Im currently trying to set up a phishing attack by using the credential harvester, but when i try to clone the website it gets stuck on this...

Iv tried updating the tool, updating kali, reinstalling the tool but nothing seems to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried to access the sit like on your phone?

I recommend SocialFish

no it wont clone period. The site is fine. It just wont clone. I let it run there for 8 hours while i was at work and when i came back nothing had changed. I gave up at that point.

It says that it did clone the site, but did you Went to or did you use your local ip?
Becouse you must search on your local ip.

But i still recommend SocialFish, you dont need portforwarding for it.

Hope it helped:)

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