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So i was going to try make some virtual discussion with ice skate seller to see my python knowledge.. All I can say is that i have been learning it for a week but i did not have time to really get in to it. Anyhow... here is the code so if you can help me find out why do I have a error. Actually it is not an error, it doesn't say it is an error it just doesn't run the if command, try it yourself to see what I am talking about.

print("Hello, welcome to the skate arena!")
question_1 = "skatenum"
yes = True
no = False
skatenum = input("Whould you like to purchase skates? (yes/no) --> ")
if skatenum == True:
x = "skates"
skates = int(input("How much of them would you like? One pair is $2.99 (1, 2, 3)"))
if skates == 1:
print("Ok, that is $3")
elif skates == 2:
print("Ok, that is $6")
elif skates == 3:
print("Ok, that is $9")
elif skates > 3:
print("Sorry, we do not give out that number of pairs")
print("Please get out of Arena.")
elif skatenum == False:
print("Ok, then please sit down on tribune")

This is an output. It should load the if statements but it doesn't... Please help

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Your code is not working because you are defining yes as a boolean, but input gives you a string, so yes doesn't equals 'yes'. This is the working code:

Ahh, yes, I see. Thank you very much for help.

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