Forum Thread: Capture the Flag Round 1 Final Registration

I will be accepting registration for another 2 hours after that you will need to join an existing team to participate.


With OTW's approval we can officially set a kick off time as written above. I've copied the previous registration post below. Those who still have not registered but want to participate please follow the instructions below and PM me at least a couple hours before the event. As a last minute change to the scoring Sstrykerr's Flag will be worth 2 points and an additional 2 points will be awarded to any team that sends me a write up of their process and how they captured and decrypted the flags (that includes participants that did not successfully capture and decode flags).

Check back here as I will be updating the participant list and any updates that come up before we kick it off. This is going to be a timed event so best get your gear together and ready as the start time will be announced once I know how many players there will be and their schedules (i want to be as accommodating as possible). So without further adieu let me get into character...

Y'AARRRRRRG AHOY ya scallywags!!!!! me booty's been plundered by the evil pirate fat beard. I, Notorious dread pirate Red Beard, am hirin' ye to sneak onto his ship, the USS Flying Douche-bag, and retrieve me flags. knowing that devious pirate they will probably be locked away in treasure chests. For you greenhorn landluvers you may be paired up with a more experienced seamen dependin' on the size of the crew. NOW SAIL WIT' THE WIND AT YE BACK AND TAKE WHAT YE CAN AND GIVE NOTHIN' BACK!!!

~Red Beard

the rules are simple find your way onto the server, find the flags, ex-filtrate them and crack the encrypted files. Deleting any flags or any file on the system (that you did not create in your exploitation of the system) will lead to disqualification and depending on the severity a ban from future CTF events. The team to post the most flags wins(keep the keys to yourself as they will be used in case there is doubt that a flag was captured and decrypted legitimately).

The flags themselves will be submitted by you the players/teams. To register for the event I will need a Private Message with your team name/identifier, a .jpg flag file (keep it SFW as you will be posting them to demonstrate you captured it), your availability (when you can participate) and a secret alpha numeric key 5 characters long (no uppercase). A keen observer will realize that your own flag will be hidden on the server and is worth one point and will not need to be cracked as you will already have the key.

I will declare the winning team the First 1337 CTF H4X0Rs of Null-Byte. I do also have a physical prize in mind for the team that comes in first place.



Yet again dontrustme has made a point about the final part of the challenge. to make it more programmatically easy i will also need a sha256 checksum along with your image.

Also dontrustme helped a bunch with the pirate speech so make sure to give him a good ol' Y'AARG when you see him. And for those you of who think this is an april fools joke let me make one thing clear red beard's hatred for fat beard is not a joking matter...he wants his flags back.

-Andrea Torre
-sha256 checksum = 525278b2fed9cf12f5946e314856e247f3ff8390df3952335e8b93214359dc81

-wawa wawa
-sha256 checksum = 44302c86965e4b4fa3c30de6b3e7c1d3bd4c7167f7713891d5d334c874afa10d

-shadow zero
-sha256 checksum = bab47a0d35b201217474dc6ad4d27995da46aa0adbfc9a91c46b13fda6e52685

-sha256 checksum = 48530f3cad0a1339d2d71f63a82bf195a60bc6c159a33b0b94a1466c27917146

-sha256 checksum = bda986305bd3943fa10c2066e36617368854b7b7406eaac768f14dd9d0a26835

PowerOfRandom # maybe consider splitting into two teams
-Power of Random
-George Mensah
-Dragon Slayer
-L3GI0N 01
-Ahmed Jamal
-August Fackyou
-sha256 checksum = 01fefb4392fbda26dbd6203c36c70e286f5662addb1cf54f685aaf73e3859dfa

Wolfpack # disqualified but flag will be present
-sha256 checksum = 3f601cd8d2757368cb6d5f0b90bd5c4550098fdd3ffa87a9edbedbd628e93204

-Luke Taylor
-sha256 checksum = 55b4edacd664209071c149165fb4fa3637555233361d79ea0718a60071aec922

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10 Responses

This looks pretty interesting.

How much time we will get?

I believe the time frame will be 12hrs from the time it goes up.

I can't participate then :(

Message StandardUser for more info. I believe he said in IRC 5:00 pm UTC. So once it goes up at 5 you will have 12hrs to capture the flags.

hmmm... interesting indeed. :)

Thank you for putting this all together! I really hope this becomes a monthly/quarterly event so we can gauge our progress! Great idea!

Can hackers that aren't part of NB participate?

I'm going to make a ruling that only subscribed members of NB can participate in this one. For future more complex events it may be required that each team have a "team lead" that is an established and trusted CTF participant.

Now this isnt to say that you cant ask your friends for advice.

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