Forum Thread: Capture Router Username and Password?

I have successfully cracked WPA2 password but router have not the default password and I would like to know how can i capture or crack the router username and password?

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If the router page doesn't use HTTPS, the easy way is to run a network sniffer and wait for someone else to login.

If the router page does, outside of a brute force, there is only one thing you can try.

Using a sniffer, keep track of who logs into the router most often. Establish a MITM attack between that person and the router, and switch the routers SSL key with your own. Use that to intercept the data. This is a very complex attack and is unlikely to succeed - so there is another way.

Using your MITM attack, attempt to redirect user traffic to your machine when they view the webpage for the router. Host a cloned router-login page, and when they try to log in, record the credentials.

One of these methods will grant you access to the router. And if nobody's logged in to the router in 4 years and you're out of options, well, you can always try a brute force, or common passwords like letmein or password123

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