Forum Thread: Carrier Grade NAT and Port Forwarding

After weeks of installing, learning, and getting a brief taste of kali linux, I have hit a wall because of my ISP. I knew something was strange when my wan IP in the router console did not match my public IP. After some digging, I found out that the culprit was the low-rent excuse for an ISP that I use here in the boonies of Brazil. As a result, it seems that port forwarding is out of the question in this scenario, and there are no other ISPs in the region.

From what I am learning, most hacking tools require open ports for obvious reasons. Should I even bother to continue at this point, or should I wait until I have access to a real ISP (or at least one that uses IPv6)? Are there any tools that I can still use, even if just inside of the LAN I'm connected to?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice...

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Thanks so much for the input, but no luck still. Is your isp using carrier grade nat as well?

Buy a vpn. Helps with anonymity and some have the ability to port forward.

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