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Recently, I've been wanting to start a career in Information Security and I've been having an issue getting my foot in the door. I have Security+ and I am thinking that maybe getting CASP certification will help in someone giving me a security analyst position or some other entry level position to get my foot in the door. I currently work as an IT technician with little hands-on security because I work for a smaller company.

I've read the objectives for CASP and it says that it is targeted for people with 10 years of experience in IT and at least 5 years of hands-on technical experience. Which I don't have of either. Essentially all the additional experience has been using NullByte and creating my own lab testing at home.

Even if I pass the test, would it even benefit me? Should I even bother spending my energy on this? Any guidance is appreciated.

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In my opinion, it should help. CASP is for those who want to manage security in an organization. Not much technical in it, but it does have credibility. The CISSP has even more credibility.

Those certifications are not for pentesting, though. Look for the upcoming certs here on Null Byte that will be specific to pentesting. These will be the CWA, CWE and the CWP.


Great! My main concern is getting my foot in the door. It's proven to be more difficult than I imagined and I thought Security+ was a surefire thing. I'm finding more and more require DoD clearance and I was thinking that having good certifications behind me would give a company more reason to spend the money on getting me clearance. Do you think this is a good strategy? Thanks for responding!

Security + is a very basic security cert. You are right about the DoD clearance. I might suggest that you also get involved in one of the many open source security projects. That would also be a good resume builder.

That's a great idea! Thank you OTW :)

I have been in a some what similar situation, only I do have hands on experience from my own works and some on the job. I was looking for my next cert to try and get in the door. I looked into the CASP and decided to go with the OSCP instead.

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