Forum Thread: How to Change hook.js from Beef?

Hello people ,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the hook.js to something else , because some AV's detect it.. and if we could change that hook.js to something else it.. that would be great.

thanks in advance.

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That's two in a row that you posted in the wrong section. How-To section is for tutorials.

ok.. and in what section should i go ? sorry i am new here.

Put it in the "forum" section. How-to is a tutorial section, not "how do i do this?"

I do not have a linux box with me ( to verify if it is possible right now ) but I think it is absolutely possible. I remember seeing the hook.js script lying around in the beef directory. I don't know if I am correct although am very positive but it can and is possible.

# Sergeant

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