Forum Thread: Changing Ip Every Couple of Seconds

is there a way to change your ip every couple of seconds?I heard there is a script for that,ofcourse vpn must be used.

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Please don't spam post (i.e. post questions one after another). These are all questions which can be answered with a simple Google search. Refer to this post, and also look at the comments. TypoGuy and Phoenix750 both make very good points.

As Phoenix750 said: "Null Byte should always be your emergency plan when it comes to problems instead of your first stop!"

It is not a search engine and answer service. This is a white hat hacker ground where you learn concepts through tutorials and ask questions specific to hacking, and not ask vague (and easily obtainable through a simple Google search) questions. Consider this as a reminder of how to use Null-Byte properly.


well the ipad thing was the last one. i wanna make sure of stuff sry.

I remember a while ago that a friend of mine said that the Hak5 MarkV Pineapple could change (I think either) IP or MAC addresses every here and there. But I dunno if that's true...

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