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Ok so, I'm noticing there isn't anyone on the IRCs anymore so this is just a overview of what a IRC is and how to connect to it.

First off, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. So, Nullbyte has a IRC.
This post,

I'm asking if anyone is willing to try to get the IRC up and lively again. Cuz, it's lonely there. This is where a awesome IRC client comes in handy, Kiwiirc. Yay!

So navigate to: and refresh it once if nothing shows up. Than in nickname type in your preferred nick and in channel, type in #nullbyte. Than click the icon that says "Server and network". Now, in server type in and in port type in 6697 and check the SSL box.

Lastly, click connect. There we go. You should be connected.

Hope to see yall there because now yall don't have a excuse. :)

To the admins: Delete this at your leisure. I just posted this because most hacking networks have a IRC. lol.


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