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So im planning to buy a raspberry pi..
Just wanna ask what is a cheap but ok wifi adapter that'll work??
Cause the alfa awus036nh is way too costly... and big too..
So which nano adapter works with cracking wpa and wep?? Pref under 10 bucks...

Thank you ;);)

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Raspberry Pi has its usb dongle 802.11. Check if the site you are gonna buy from sells it. 7 Euros.

But it doesnt come with the full kit.. it comes with starter kit.. and the seperate things dont ship to my place.. and the starter kits expensive

TP Link WN722n, fully supported by Kali, PwniePi, Raspibian and others. Size can be a deal, but male-female usb cable solves that.

Smaller - Edimax EW-7811Un

You sure they work with injection and all??

Actually now that I see... the starter kits a sweet deal haha.. cause the adapter that comes with it is about 25$.. while the while kit is just 20 $ more than standard kit...

I guess ill buy it...

Ok so the wifi kit is unavailable.. I have to buy components seperately...

I found a comfast cf wu810n v2... but I cant find if its suitable for packet injection.. how do I find it?? Google doesnt help..

And for wpa/wep cracking only packet Injection is needed right??

ask raspberry pi forums, they usually reply quickly

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